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Browsers at the Coober Pedy Art Project 2013 Art Sale
Browsers at the Coober Pedy Art Project 2013 Art Sale

Fine art from South Australian Indigenous artists is highly sought after. The marketing and sale of artwork is carefully managed by the art centres and the galleries that represent them, to ensure a fair transaction that supports the artist in the marketplace and ensures complete provenance for the collector.

Australian Indigenous art has become immensely popular over the past decade as an expression of the oldest living culture on earth. Many Aboriginal people make art in order to pass on cultural knowledge to their children and grandchildren but in many parts of Australia it is one of the only ways to earn an independent income. Unfortunately, the unscrupulous behaviour of some people who deal commercially in this area has been an ongoing problem in the Indigenous art industry.

The Australian Government has instigated efforts to counteract unethical behaviour by setting up the Indigenous Art Code.

Buyers of Indigenous art should be confident that the works they purchase are authentic and have been procured in a fair and ethical manner. This can be done by looking for the Indigenous Art Code logo at galleries and retail outlets. Documentation such as certificates of authenticity from an art centre also indicate that the work has been properly procured.

Representative galleries are displayed on the webpages of individual art centres.   


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As a member of the Indigenous Art Code we are committed to the principles of ethical trade in Indigenous art.