Stencil Art With Rekko Rennie

Stencil Art with Rekko Rennie

Ananguku Arts, in partnership with Arts SA and the Office for the Arts, delivers professional development workshops for aspiring Aboriginal artists in regional and remote South Australia. In addition to the opportunities and benefits available to the workshop participants, Ku Arts have provided the mechanism for the engagement and development of a number of Indigenous arts workers, arts graduates and current art practitioners.

In 2010 Ananguku Arts employed Aboriginal stencil artist Rekko Rennie to deliver workshops for Indigenous artists in Port Augusta and Mount Gambier. The major focus was hands-on with Rekko working with participants to produce works original works through encouragement and skills development in the areas such as of preparation, materials, colour theory, composition and so on, without over-direction or interference with the artists style.

The workshops operated over five days on two separate occasions four months apart. This was designed to provide an opportunity for artists to have the time to use the skills that they have gained from the workshop and to bring the works to completion and take advantage of professional assessment and advice.

One of the aims of these workshops has been to attract aspiring artists, especially young people who have recently left school and people who have either only recently started painting or who currently paint on their own at home. This has on occasion meant providing parts of the workshops at times outside normal business hours as well as facilitating additional support such as child minding.

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As a member of the Indigenous Art Code we are committed to the principles of ethical trade in Indigenous art.