Arts kunpu, tjukurpa kunpu, waltja tjuta kunpu

Strong arts, strong culture, strong communities

About Us

Ananguku Arts and Culture Aboriginal Corporation is an Aboriginal owned and governed arts support organisation. It was founded by the artists of the APY Lands in the far northwest of South Australia. The organisation is governed by an Indigenous Board elected by artists across the state. Milyika Carroll is the Director of Ku Arts.

Ananguku Arts assists Indigenous artists and Art Centres by facilitating professional development opportunities and skills development workshops and providing information, forums and shared services on a regional and statewide level.

We support Art Centres with Indigenous governance support, human resource management services including recruitment and orientation, creating Indigenous training and employment opportunities, and by developing major projects at a regional and state level, in consultation with our members.

We present public events that reinforce the importance of cultural maintenance and the value of Indigenous culture to all Australians.

Ananguku Arts and Culture Aboriginal Corporation ICN3834 is listed on the Minister’s register of Cultural Institutions. The organisation manages a Donations Fund with Tax Deductible Gift recipient status (TDGR).


Our 2016-2019 Strategic Plan can be viewed here.


Nganana mukuringanyi:
This is what we want to do:

1. Worka wiru palyintjikitja, munu nganana wiru palyara pukularinyi.
Support Aboriginal artmaking and cultural maintenance across South Australia.

2. Nganana nganampa arts munu art centre wiru, munu kunpu kanyintjikitja mukuringanyi.
Keep art centres and arts projects strong for our children.

3. Nganampa arts munu culture nganampa kunpu titutjara kuranyukutu ngarantjaku tjitji malatja malatja tjutaku kulu.
Help to build a dynamic South Australian and national Indigenous arts industry.

4. Nganampa Arts and Culture Aboriginal Corporation atunymara kanyintjaku.
Manage Ananguku Arts and Culture Aboriginal Corporation and SICAD well.

What we do

  • Provide a statewide Indigenous artists' forum in South Australia
  • Start up art centres and arts projects
  • Run professional development workshops for artists, plus
    • curatorial workshops, and
    • industry information workshops
  • Specialised support for art centres:
    • Governance support for Indigenous Boards
    • HR, recruitment, orientation and induction
    • Indigenous employment initiative
    • Arts business mentoring – on-site and remote
    • Support best practice in authenticity and provenance documentation
    • Compliance and OH&S
    • IT and website support
  • Develop markets: website, newsletter, publications, marketing workshops
  • Exhibitions
  • Advocacy
    • Direct access to the Indigenous Art Code: ethical sales for artists
  • Cultural maintenance: promote, sustain and share culture including through the Songlines Project with partners ANU, UNE, NPY Women’s Council, the National Museum of Australia and the South Australian Museum
  • Research: Current Arts in Health Ph D scholarship, ARC funded with partners Flinders University, Poche Centre, Wyatt Foundation and the Palya Fund to map the contribution of art centres to health and wellbeing on the APY Lands.
    • Participation in CRC Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Arts Economies Project.
  • Infrastructure funding and project managemen.

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As a member of the Indigenous Art Code we are committed to the principles of ethical trade in Indigenous art.